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PASS Ltd is 20 Years Old Thanks to Brands That Stood the Test of Time!

PASS Ltd is 20 Years Old Thanks to Brands That Stood the Test of Time!

Twenty years ago, we started out as a distributor of PAT testers. Today we boast an eclectic portfolio of test equipment and tools, including multifunction testers, oscilloscopes, cable locators, flue gas analysers, pressure and flow instruments, thermal cameras, scales, microscopes, PPE, force/torque gauges, screwdrivers, wrenches, and calipers (to name just a few!). We have also expanded into training and calibration: PASS is an approved service centre for Seaward, Testo, Fluke, Crowcon, and Druck, and we offer City & Guilds and MCA accredited courses. However, none of this would have been possible without the good faith and exceptional quality of our brands, for which we have become a leading UK supplier. Partnering with pioneering, high-quality brands is integral to our success and a requisite we continue to abide by when considering new manufactures to work with. Below you will find some of our most popular test equipment manufacturers. These are brands that have stood the test of time and made us what we are today!

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In 2002 we secured a contract to sell Seaward PAT testers. As a seasoned manufacturer, with over seventy years of experience, Seaward is a premier supplier of quality test equipment including PAT testers, installation tools, electrical test instruments, high voltage equipment, industrial test equipment, micro-ohmmeters, hipots, and decade boxes. Seaward’s PAT testers remain as popular as ever: we offer an array of Seaward PAT testers including the latest 5th Edition Apollo+ range.

Seaward Logo


Early in our infancy, we partnered with Fluke, a well renowned, premier manufacturer of electronic test equipment including multifunction testers, multimeters, PAT testers, and voltage testers. Fluke was founded in 1948 and since then have expanded their portfolio of products to include thermal cameras and calibration instruments. Our initial success with this brand granted us access to these exclusive ranges. In addition to Fluke’s flagship 1660 series of multifunction testers, we now offer Fluke thermal cameras and calibration equipment, including deadweight testers and dry well/ thermocouple calibrators.

Fluke Logo


Megger has been around since the late 1800s; although, we began to supply their equipment towards the end of 2002. They are trusted by thousands of professionals working within a variety of industries across the globe. We offer a vast array of Megger products from voltage testers to power quality analysers to low resistance ohmmeters to high voltage insulation testers. Megger’s multifunction testers, PAT testers, and cable fault locators are particularly popular with our customers. PASS continues to enjoy a fruitful relationship with Megger as we are both committed to providing high-quality, innovative, and user-focused products to our customers. Megger explains:

Megger Logo

“Megger believes that by working closely with customers it can deliver the best customer solutions and after-sales service today and in the future. Megger is committed to anticipating client needs by listening to customers and industry specialists while continually investing in innovative research and development, design engineering and manufacturing techniques.”


Speaking of innovators, soon after Megger we added Martindale to our catalogue of brands. Founded in 1928 on the principle of innovation, Martindale has a reputation for inventing test equipment that we take for granted today:

Martindale Logo

  • The first-ever socket tester
  • The first safety insulation tester
  • The first self-proving, non-contact voltage indicator
  • The first low-cost fuse finder
  • The first non-trip, no-battery, no-test-button loop tester displaying PE, PN, PFC, and PSC
  • The first handheld insulation tester with polarisation index
  • The first advanced socket tester, as defined by the Health and Safety Executive

Economic and effective, Martindale’s safe isolation kits, voltage testers, and lockout tagout kits are a favourite with electricians.

Robin Amprobe

When we first started working with Robin Amprobe they were an independent company known simply as Robin. However, Robin soon caught the attention of Amprobe, another electrical test equipment manufacturer, and they merged. Together the two brands have developed a diverse portfolio of high-quality, innovative, and effective single-, dual-, and multi-function test instruments, including PAT testers, earth testers, and insulation and continuity testers. We have the pleasure of bringing you these products at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Robin Amprobe Logo


With nearly seventy years of experience supplying high-quality test and measurement equipment to professionals around the globe, Metrel, founded in 1957, has been a favourite here at PASS. Metrel takes pride in its production process; it is one of a few companies in the industry to design, assemble (including quality control), and calibrate their products in a single location. Its extensive catalogue of advanced, dependable, and durable products includes PAT testers, multifunction testers, power quality analysers, high voltage insulation testers, and, more recently, thermal cameras and EVSE testers.

Metrel Logo

First Stop Safety

As PASS started off as a distributor of PAT testers, partnering with First Stop Safety, the UK’s leading supplier of PAT testing equipment, was a must! First Stop Safety specialises in manufacturing PAT testers; they continue to provide ergonomic and easy-to-use PAT testers that meet requirements.

First Stop Safety Logo

Teledyne FLIR

Six years into trading, we spotted an opportunity to get involved with an evolving technology that had hundreds of applications: thermal imaging. In 2007 we began selling FLIR thermal cameras. Internationally revered, FLIR is the market-leading thermal brand. They are known across the world for their commitment to quality, innovation, and versatility. Starting with access to FLIR’s range of handheld thermal cameras optimised for electrical and building inspections, we soon impressed and grew our FLIR offering to include more handheld models, as well as smartphone (USB) modules and thermal test equipment. Over the years we have had significant success with FLIR’s C-, E- and T-series Thermal Cameras, which have proved very popular with our customers. In 2017 we became FLIR’s ONLY UK platinum partner and have expanded our catalogue again to include FLIR body-temperature-screening cameras, optical gas detection cameras, and scientific and R&D thermal cameras.

Teledyne FLIR Logo


Impressive sales of PAT testers, thermal cameras, and other electrical test equipment, allowed us to grow our business and expand into other industry sectors such as HVAC, plumbing, and gas engineering. Renowned for their Sprint series of flue gas analysers, in 2011 PASS began working with Anton, an innovative and market-leading manufacturer of products specifically designed for plumbers, and heating and gas engineers. In addition to Anton’s flue gas analysers and flue gas analyser kits, we offer Anton analogue, dial and spirit thermometers, digital thermometers, and precision manometers/ pressure meters.

Anton Logo


Success with Anton’s products prompted PASS to expand our range of gas detectors to include models by Crowcon, a company dedicated to protecting people from gas hazards “by providing best in class gas safety solutions”. Crowcon’s range of products includes single- and multi-gas monitors and gas leak detectors suitable for personal and large-scale monitoring.

Crowcon Logo

Chauvin Arnoux

Increasing popularity meant we needed to expand our product range to meet our customers’ diverse needs, that’s why we took on Chauvin Arnoux’s range of electrical test equipment. This forward-thinking manufacturer has been one of Europe’s most popular brands for over 125 years (since 1893). They were one of the first brands to manufacturer the precursor to modern digital multimeters and clamp meters. Today they boast an extensive selection of voltage testers, AC/DC clamp meters, insulation and continuity testers, high voltage insulation testers, multifunction testers, power quality analysers, oscilloscopes, infrared thermometers, and thermal cameras. Responding to a worldwide need to reduce carbon emissions and considering businesses’ desires to save money, Chauvin Arnoux developed a series of portable energy loggers, PELs. These instruments help companies to monitor energy consumption, identify sources of waste, and evaluate corrective measures, leading to both reduced energy expenditure and carbon emissions. Chauvin Arnoux’s PEL103 Power/Energy Loggers have been very popular with our customers.

Chauvin Arnoux Logo


Similarly, a wish to expand our range and meet the demands of our customers informed our decision to begin selling Kewtech items. Kewtech estimates that 85% of the UK electrical contractor market is using a Kewtech product. Like Chauvin Arnoux and Martindale, Kewtech are an inventive brand. They were the first to create a lightmate kit designed for easily testing light fittings. This UK-based company takes pride in their vast product offering which includes everything from socket testers, test leads, and safe isolation kits to multifunction testers, multimeters, voltage testers, AC/DC clamp meters, and PAT testers, as well as high voltage insulation testers and EVSE testers. Kewtech’s series of economical and easy-to-use EZYPAT/SMARTPAT PAT Testers have become a favourite amongst our customers.

Kewtech Logo


Di-Log, like Kewtech, manufactures effective, easy-to-use, and economical socket testers, safe isolation kits, test leads, multifunction testers, multimeters, voltage testers, AC/DC clamp meters, and high voltage insulation testers.  Di-Log’s reputation for creating top-quality, innovative products (a reputation that is backed up by several industry awards) was key to PASS’ decision to stock their range and is the reason we continue to do so today.

Di-Log Logo

PASS at 20

Significant success with our very first brands afforded us the opportunity to expand: taking on new brands in order to serve professionals in more sectors, including metrology, engineering, plumbing, high voltage, oil and gas, manufacturing, and energy. Some of the most notable additions to our catalogue include:

Testo Logo

Druck Logo


  • Norbar: a UK-based, global company, Norbar leads the market in torque tightening and torque measurement. Their torque wrenches, measurement tools, and wrench calibrators have applications in manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, energy, oil, gas, marine, and sub-sea industries

  • UE Systems: the leading manufacturer and developer of airborne and structure-borne ultrasonic detection equipment, UE systems was founded in 1973 and offers a range of easy-to-use and cost-effective entry-, mid-, and high-level models. These instruments can be used to detect electrical and mechanical faults, leaks, and blockages at an earlier stage than thermal and vibration inspection instruments.


Kern Logo

UE Systems Logo

Mitutoyo Logo

We have also had the opportunity to develop our own brands, Lockout Lock and TestSafe. Our Lockout Lock brand is focused on producing lockout tagout kits and safe isolation kits, as well as padlocks, hasps, and tags; while our range of TestSafe products includes IR thermometers, borescopes, refractometers, and our specially developed miniPAT Appliance Tester.  

TestSafe Logo

To meet the demands of the COVID-19 crisis, PASS has branched out once again to provide sanitising, cleaning, and temperature-screening equipment. In 2020 we began partnering with Sanique, a company that specialises in producing safety and sanitising equipment, such as sprayers/foggers and PPE, for the retail, commercial and medical sectors. Additionally, we began to offer Hikvision’s body-temperature-screening thermal solutions. Hikvision is a leading provider of innovative security products and has a growing portfolio of Hikmicro thermal imaging equipment. Since 2020 we have expanded our Hikvision and Hikmicro offering to include automation and industrial safety, building diagnostic, ecology and outdoor, electrical and mechanical, law enforcement and security, and smartphone (USB) thermal cameras.

Hikvision Logo

Sanique Logo

Hikmicro Logo

Further Information

The brands mentioned above are just a fraction of the manufacturers offered by PASS. We stock products by over 95 brands serving industries as diverse as electrical, high voltage, utility, rail, plumbing, gas, HVAC, building/ construction, process, manufacturing, medical, scientific/ research and development, environmental, law enforcement/ security, first responders, and search and rescue. For more information regarding any of our brands and products, please contact our Sales team on 01642 931 329 or via our online form.

The only thing left to do is thank our brands and customers for their continued support. Here’s to the next twenty years!